2021 Spring2 and Summer Now Available!

Free Trail Available for new athletes!

SJA is hosting a number of options in order to provide the best flexibility possible. For athletes competing with their respective High School Swim or Water Polo teams, we have weekend practices available for you. JO quals are around the corner and there is value in practicing with the team you will be competing with over the summer.

Check Out the Programs Flier Here

Check Out the 2021 Spring2 Schedule Here

Check Out the 2021 Summer Schedule

For the full-week groups, we are able to provide 8 hours of practice. After some research online, it is safe to say that is roughly 1.5-2x the pool/practice time compared to every other club for at least the remainder of Spring. The summer comparison is yet to be seen but as of now, we have scheduled ~11.5 hrs/wk starting June 7th. 

SJA is offering the most practice time at the most affordable price. We currently have 11 SJA coaches employed, allowing us to maintain low player-to-coach ratios. We are a nonprofit with a mission to provide the most effective program to teach youth the beautiful game of water polo; along with guiding them to be respectful and motivated members of society. We structure our dues to cover the necessities of running the program, i.e. pool rentals, coach salaries, equipment replacement, etc. Any surplus funds get immediately invested back into the SJA kids. This can be reflected in extended practice time (like we did for the current spring season), free gear, additional pool rental to create smaller groups, or more games/tournaments now that they are being offered.

SJA is active in scheduling as many games as possible to make up for all lost opportunities during COVID. 

Email sjawaterpolo@gmail.com for any questions or if you would like to try out
SJA Water Polo!

I mean, can it get any better than this?

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