How To Register_USA Water Polo Membership

Visit the Registration Page to register for the current or upcoming seasons.

New Athletes:

For new athletes, please follow these steps:

i. Go to and select the respective membership level you would like to join. See below for quick descriptions of each level; Trial, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Please email for any questions.

ii. Select “San Jose/Almaden Water Polo” (ID: 1224) as your club affiliation.

iii. Fill out the required athlete information and create a profile. Take note of your USA Water Polo membership ID number.

ii. Go through the “age verification” process.

iii. Upload a recent picture (within the last year).

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Tony Samson at


USA Water Polo Membership Levels

Trial: Free 14-Day membership to try out Water Polo. Eligible only for club practices. No games/tournaments allowed.

Splashball Passholder: Athletes 5-11yo participating in SJA Fundamental practices. No official games. Link with more info

Bronze: Eligible for club practices.  Local scrimmages and some sanctioned regional tournaments are allowed.

Silver: Eligible for club practices, local and regional sanctioned leagues and tournaments, and ODP camps. Silver athletes can’t participate in National tournaments such as the Junior Olympics.

Gold: Covers all practices, tournaments (regional and national), leagues, and ODP camps.