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Hi SJA Family,

I hope everyone is doing well. SJA is going strong in its first session of the Fall season! This is Evin with some updated information regarding the first session of the SJA Fall Camp.

We have had a lot of interest, resulting in ~110 registrants in this session. We still have a few spots left for Age and High School Girls, Age Group Boys, Fundamentals, and Parent Swimmers.  High School Boys is maxed out for weekday practices. We still have a few available lanes on the Sunday practice so please reach out if you would like to sign your HS Boy athlete up.

Here is the breakdown where to signup your athlete:

Fundamental: Grades 5 and below along with any 6th graders with little swimming experience

Age: Grades 6-8

High School: Grades 9-12

Reminder: Fundamental is for kids with some swimming experience and are looking to improve their fundamentals and get introduced to water polo. Please don’t sign your kid up if they don’t know how to swim, we don’t have the capacity to dedicate to brand new swimmers.

Fall Session 1 Schedule will end *October 25th, 2020*:


Saturday: 4-5pm_Swimming @ Gunderson High School

Sunday: 4:30-5:30pm_Swimming @ Gunderson High School

High School Boys

Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 7:45-9:20pm_Dryland/Swimming @ Gunderson High School

Sunday: 4:30-6:30pm_Swimming @ Gunderson High School

Age Group Boys

Tuesday & Friday: 8:00-9:20pm_Dryland/Swimming @ Gunderson High School

Saturday: 4-6pm_Swimming @ Gunderson High School

Sunday: 5:30-6:30pm_Swimming @ Gunderson High School

Age and High School Girls

Tuesday & Friday: 7:30-9pm_Dryland/Swimming @ Gunderson High School

Saturday: 4-6pm_Swimming @ Gunderson High School

Parent Swimmer

Sunday: 8-9pm_Swimming @ Gunderson High School

Saturday: 4-5pm_Swimming @ Gunderson High School


To join now, the pricing for the remainder of the session (until Oct. 25th, 2020) is as follows:

Age and High School Groups: $220

Fundamental: $120

Parent Swimmer (Lane rental): $80 (both Fri/Sat), $50 (one day)

Currently, the registration is closed. If you would like to register your athlete, please reach out to me at and I can open up a spot for you. I look forward to seeing you and your athlete on the pool deck.

Thank you,

Evin Wieser