How To Register_USA Water Polo Membership

Visit the Registration Page to register for the current or upcoming seasons.

New Athletes:

For new athletes, please follow these steps:

i. Go to and select the respective membership level you would like to join. See below for quick descriptions of each level; Trial, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Please email for any questions.

ii. Select “San Jose/Almaden Water Polo” (ID: 1224) as your club affiliation.

iii. Fill out the required athlete information and create a profile. Take note of your USA Water Polo membership ID number.

ii. Go through the “age verification” process.

iii. Upload a recent picture (within the last year).

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Thank you,

Evin Wieser
Director of SJA Water Polo

USA Water Polo Membership Levels

Trial: Free 14-Day membership to try out Water Polo. Eligible only for club practices. No games/tournaments allowed.

Splashball Passholder: Athletes 5-11yo participating in SJA Fundamental practices. No official games. Link with more info

Bronze: Eligible for club practices.  Local scrimmages and some sanctioned regional tournaments are allowed.

Silver: Eligible for club practices, local and regional sanctioned leagues and tournaments, and ODP camps. Silver athletes can’t participate in National tournaments such as the Junior Olympics. 

Gold: Covers all practices, tournaments (regional and national), leagues, and ODP camps.