Don’t be a Number, Join a Family

Hi South Bay Area Water Polo Family,

Welcome to the SJA site, we appreciate your interest in our club and family. COVID never ceases to add new and surprisings twists to an already unpredictable environment. In our water polo community, the landscape has seen it’s own share of change. Clubs are dissolving and merging, creating a completely different look than in years past. With all this change, there is a much un-needed level of confusion and people start to forget why our kids do sports and water polo in the first place. Winning is important, however, it’s everything else about the sport that has a lasting impact on our kids and help shape them into who they become. It’s friendship and community. It’s the value of teamwork and dedication. It’s a sense a pride for what you and your water polo family has been able to accomplish, together. Our job as coaches is more than teaching them how to play a game. We are role models. We lead the kids to becoming confident, hardworking, respectful, and prideful young members of society. That is our mission. That is what this club is based on. If we focus on that, the success and wins will follow. 

If you agree with this outlook, we would love to have you come try our program. We always welcome new athlete and experienced athletes. We are a successful program that is affordable, has low player-to-coach ratios, offers bountiful pool space, and is communicative and responsive. We coach both genders ranging from 6yo to 18yo. 

For active athletes, if you are interested in joining but are already registered for another program, we will waive our dues for the remainder of this season.

If you have any questions, please email

Join the SJA family, don’t be a number.

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