SJA Competition Suit & Apparel Orders

As part of Summer registration, we will be taking orders for SJA suits and other apparel.  We have a direct link for you to order your suit.  To order other SJA apparel, we will be taking orders until April 30th.

We will have sizing kits  for GIRLS on the pool deck at Gunderson High School on Saturday, April 14 from 10-noon and 2-4 pm.  We will also have the kits at Gunderson HS this Sunday, April 15th  from 1:30 – 3 pm, and Willow Glen HS at the Monday 7:30 practice session.  For boys, the sizes are very consistent with sizing for swim suits and other waist-sized apparel.  No sizing kits for boys.

SJA Competition Suits!

You can now order SJA competition suits and towels!  Please go HERE to order your suit! For those new to the sport, we recommend trying on sizing kits to ensure you have the proper fit.  For those who have our current SJA competition suit, you probably know your size, but are welcome to try on to make sure.  We highly recommend for girls who haven’t worn the SJA suit before to try on before ordering.  The manufacturer does not offer returns, and the fits can be a bit different than a traditional swim suit.  We will also plan another sizing session during the week of April 16.  You can also email with questions.

Please visit the following site to order your suit.  Orders close April 30!

SJA Apparel!

You can now order SJA apparel as part of the registration process! Please refer to the attached apparel form to review options, and indicate your selections in the SJA Registration form.  Suit and apparel orders will close on April 30, so we can assure that suits will arrive by the second half of May!  So get those registration AND suit/apparel orders in ASAP!


Please note the deadline for orders is April 30th. We will not be able to process orders after that date. You can order these items during the registration process.  If you have questions, please email

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